BOYA Chinese is located in the city of North York, Ontario, Canada. Starting in 2015, we now provide high-quality, level-specific Mandarin classes for over 300 students between the ages of 5-16. 

We are dedicated to making Mandarin learning EFFECTIVE and ENGAGING for our students and providing classes that best fit every student's needs. BOYA takes pride in our detailed learning streams which cover heritage language learners, half heritage language learners*, and second language learners of all levels, including AP and HSK prep courses. Students will be put into the proper stream-level classes based on the pre-assessment results and a thorough discussion with parents. We monitor students' progress closely through ongoing assessments, communicate with parents on a weekly basis, and adjust students' learning plans accordingly.  In two to four years, heritage language learners can normally master independent reading through our program and second language students can achieve the conversational level and learn basic reading.

* Half heritage means in the student's family, one parent speaks Mandarin while the other doesn't. In teaching practice, we have noticed that the students from MHHL families have their specific learning advantages and needs. So we set up this special stream and have developed a series of classes accordingly.

Founder and Director

Xiaotong Dan

  • Head of BOYA Chinese
  • Certified Heritage Chinese VIP Teacher
  • MACTE accredited Montessori Teacher Diploma
  • Master of Education, University of Toronto
  • Master of History, Peking University
  • Bachelor of Economics, Peking Univeristy
  • ex Head Teacher of RDFZ of Beijing
  • ex Language Teacher of PRISMS
  • First prize winner of the National Teaching Evaluation (2012, China)

Parents' Endorsement

Definitely one of the best Chinese school in Toronto or even in North America. My kids love to go to Boya Chinese School and the teachers are very responsible, caring, and professional. They are teaching more than just the language. Highly recommend!

--- William

My two children, Kiera and Keagan (6 and 9 years old), were born and raised in Canada. The children did not enjoy the weekend Chinese school, they were not engaged and dreaded the homework, which involved a lot of repetitive writing and copying textbook. All these setbacks led me to seek out other options for Chinese classes.  We stumbled upon Boya's Chinese School, and signed my younger one up for a beginner class last September for a semester to try it out.  She fell in love with the teacher with the class shortly after, and made tremendous improvements in those first 3 months.  When she first started, she couldn't fully understand what the teacher was saying, and by the end of the 3 months, she could understand almost everything.  Boya's classes are interactive and engaging, the kids enjoy the simple activities they do in class and they no longer complain about their Chinese homework.  My 9 years old son recently requested to do Boya's Chinese classes with his sister because he too saw the transformation and how effective their classes are.  It is amazing to see how much Chinese they have both learned in the short period of time they have been with Boya, they really made learning Chinese fun and easy for the kids.  I highly recommend Boya to anyone who is looking for a Chinese school, their method really works and the kids love it!

--- Jackie